Sudhära Database

The Logo was originally designed by Daniel Meyer in June 2018 for the Realm of Kaizen Database, and was redesigned in October of the same year for the (rebranded) Realm of Sudhära Database. It is inspired by the Wikipedia logo, and depicts an artistic orthographic projection (with graticules at 15° longitude and latitude) of Sudhära. Created in Photoshop, using G.Projector for map projection. – Siarl Glynn (October 2018)

The original design featured the text “Aboria” and “The Realm of Kaizen Database” in the Georgia typeface (small caps). After the entry into Phase 5.0 of the Realm of Kaizen, when the world was redesigned and renamed Sudhära, the logo had to be changed. The structure of the logo stayed the same, although there were many changes. The graticules became 50% thicker, and the text now read “Aboria” in Playfair Display Regular and “Realm of Sudhära Database” in Roboto Medium (all small caps).


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